Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Reclaiming Employment social network:

We’re glad you’re here. Reading this document will take less than 5 minutes and will help you understand why we’re here and how to participate. You will also learn how to contact the moderation team or the moderator for a group if you need support.

Why we're here:

Reclaiming Employment is a space where adults (age 18 and up) who have experienced mental health-related challenges around work can learn about self-employment and connect with others who have similar experiences and interests.

The social network is made up of different types of groups. Some groups have been created to provide a space for communities to gather and for individuals with similar backgrounds to form connections. Other groups are topic specific and provide a space to keep record of questions or conversations about a specific topic.

Some of the groups on Reclaiming Employment are for a specific segment of the community, like LGBTQ+ folks, or people who have experienced incarceration. These smaller community groups help create spaces where members can have conversations with people who share their experiences and concerns. If you identify as an ally (but not a member of the specific community named), one of the most supportive things you can do is to honor the boundary that has been established and participate in the groups that are open to all and/or are set up for people with your shared identity.

How to participate:

Our goal is to create useful, supportive, respectful spaces that help people create self-employment opportunities. Bring your authentic self while keeping in mind our purpose: Focused discussions about networking, finding resources for building your business, thinking together, problem solving, and celebrating progress. We encourage you to talk about your business but ask that you don’t directly try to recruit or solicit other members.

All people regardless of race, ethnic identity, citizenship, gender, sexual-orientation, disability, religion, stage-of-life, economic status, or education level are welcome here. We also encourage returning citizens who have experienced incarceration to participate.

While the forums are moderated, all of us are a part of creating a positive welcoming culture. We ask that you use kind language and be respectful when talking to others (or when talking about yourself).

Our general rule is: Pay attention to what you want to see more of. Celebrate the acts of kindness, helpful information, or shared victories of your community members through your comments, gifs, and happy emojis. Offer support and/or information when asked if you feel able to do so.

We encourage users to model consent-based communication skills. This means being clear in posts about what kind of support you are looking for (validation, ideas, resources) and asking others about what kind of support they are looking for as well, if it is not clear.

If you see behavior that doesn’t align with the values of the Reclaiming Employment community, we ask that you send a direct message to the moderator to let them know so they can work with the person one-to-one. You can find how to contact the moderator(s) of each group in the next section.

Moderator Role:

The moderation team is made up of volunteers who have completed the necessary steps to become a moderator and the Reclaiming Employment Team. While volunteer moderators will not be available 24/7, they will do their best to help guide the culture of the community by reading and responding to posts on a consistent weekly basis, as their schedule allows.

Sometimes, people make mistakes. We believe that most of the time, when people know better and are given a chance, they do better. If there’s an issue, the moderator may send a direct message asking you to adjust your behavior to better align with our community guidelines. If folks can’t manage following the guidelines, we will remove them from the social network until they are able to do so. If you’ve been removed from the network, you can email the moderation team in the future, when you feel you’re ready and able to make the adjustments requested.

Some things are not negotiable, like the safety and dignity of other group members. Racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, anti-immigrant, and all other forms of discriminatory language or behavior will not be tolerated. If you use hate speech or make direct threats, your account will be suspended. The moderation team will reach out to you after the account has been suspended to see if and how your participation in the community can be restored.

What to do if you have questions or concerns:

Each group lists the moderator(s) at the top of the group page. If you have questions that we didn’t cover, or need to get in touch with the moderation team, the best approach is contact them at Emails are checked every few days and you can expect a response within one business day after it is read. You may also connect with the specific moderator of any group through direct message at any time, although our part-time moderators may not reply instantly.

Social Network Values

Reclaiming Employment operates on the basis of collective values based in disability community advocacy and peer support. We expect members to demonstrate these values and to guide other members to abide by both the values and the community guidelines.

Peer-to-peer support:

Sharing power and honoring the wisdom of lived experience. Community members practice consent-based mutual support; refraining from unsolicited advice-giving, and consciously create cultures of collective empowerment.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion:

Creating identity-centered spaces for marginalized communities. All community members honor and respect diversity of opinions, thinking, and expression.

Strengths-based focus:

Encouraging others’ strengths and gifts, using a positive approach that enhances trust in the community while respecting others as unique and valued individuals.


creating an emotionally safe online environment for all community members. We recognize that the majority of people with mental health conditions have experienced and/or are experiencing some form of trauma, leading to a variety of behaviors and responses that will look different for each person.

Zero tolerance of hate speech:

Create a welcoming and open space. Racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, anti-immigrant, and all other forms of discriminatory language or behavior are not acceptable.


Ensured when participants identify themselves as members of the group they are connecting and engaging with.

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